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The Lesser Prairie Chicken (LEPC) Crucial Habitat map layer is part of the
Southern Great Plains Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool (SGP CHAT), produced and maintained
by the Kansas Biological Survey. For more information, including inquiries,
please visit the project website.

SGP CHAT is intended to provide useful and non-regulatory information during the
early planning stages of development projects, conservation opportunities, and environmental review.

SGP CHAT is not intended to replace consultation with local, state, or federal agencies.

The finest data resolution is one square mile hexagons, and use of this data layer
at a more localized scale is not appropriate and may lead to inaccurate interpretations.
The classification may or may not apply to the entire section. Consult with local
biologists for more localized information.


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Data for all events occurring between 1/9/2013 and 3/7/2014 was provided by the Oklahoma Geological Survey - all
other data is from the USGS.

Earthquake data for Oklahoma is incomplete and only extends back to 12/2/2014. Only events occurring in northern Oklahoma
(north of Medford) are included on the mapper.

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