KDA Kansas Base Flood Elevation Portal Please visit the Mapping Projects Page to view floodplains in development.

About the Kansas Base Flood Elevation Portal
The BFE Portal is a collaborative effort between the Kansas Geological Survey's Data Access and Support Center and the Kansas Department of Agriculture's Division of Water Resources. This site will allow you to request a Base Flood Elevation (BFE) where data is available within Zone A floodplains in Kansas. The base flood elevation is the computed elevation to which water is expected to rise during the one-percent annual chance flood. For detailed study areas such as zone AE, AO, or AH, please consult the Flood Insurance Study (FIS) or map panels, which are available from the FEMA Map Service Center. This Portal also provides elevations obtained from the LiDAR data in Kansas. This can be used as an approximate number only, as LiDAR is not survey accurate. For further instructions on how to use the portal, please visit the Home page. For helpful links, and Frequently Asked Questions see below.
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